Using Win32 functions in Visual FoxPro Image Gallery
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Before you begin:
The code is based on custom GDI+ class. Download the class module first and save it in gdiplus.prg file.

Make sure the source file name is valid. The source file can be in any of graphics formats supported by the GDI+: BMP, GIF, JPG, TIF, EMF...

See also:
  • Printing Image File, programmatically set print page orientation to landscape
  • How to display the Print property sheet
    DO decl
    * an instance of gdiplusinit should be created before
    * and released after using any of gdi+ objects
    PRIVATE gdiplus
    gdiplus = CREATEOBJECT("gdiplusinit")
    LOCAL img, hPrnDC, gdip, docinfo
    hPrnDC = GetPrnDC()
    img = CREATEOBJECT("gdiimage", "c:\windows\forest.bmp")
    gdip = CREATEOBJECT("graphics", hPrnDC)
    docinfo = PADR(CHR(20), 20, CHR(0))
    = StartDoc(m.hPrnDC, m.docinfo)
    = StartPage(m.hPrnDC)
    WITH gdip
        .DrawImage(img, 20,20)
        .DrawImage(img, 25+img.imgwidth,20,;
            img.imgwidth/4, img.imgheight/4)
    = EndPage(m.hPrnDC)
    = EndDoc(m.hPrnDC)
    = DeleteDC(hPrnDC)
    * end of main
    * returns device context of default printer
    #DEFINE PD_RETURNDC      0x100
        LOCAL lcStruct, lnFlags
        lcStruct = num2dword(66) + Repli(Chr(0), 16) +;
            num2dword(lnFlags) + Repli(Chr(0), 42)
        IF PrintDlg(@lcStruct) <> 0
            RETURN buf2dword (SUBSTR(lcStruct, 17,4))
    RETURN 0
    PROCEDURE decl
        DECLARE INTEGER DeleteDC IN gdi32 INTEGER hdc
        DECLARE INTEGER PrintDlg IN comdlg32 STRING @ lppd
        DECLARE INTEGER StartPage IN gdi32 INTEGER hdc
        DECLARE INTEGER EndPage IN gdi32 INTEGER hdc
        DECLARE INTEGER EndDoc IN gdi32 INTEGER hdc
        DECLARE INTEGER StartDoc IN gdi32 INTEGER hdc, STRING lpdi

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